A boutique law firm is one that focuses its activities on specific areas of law and has a lean physical structure. The word is not a euphemism for small size, but rather a concept that presupposes specialization. It is a small firm, composed of specialized and competent lawyers, and has a reputation already established in its area of ​​practice. The result is an extremely qualified and agile team to work in this field of law.


Lawyers must be professionals committed to solving problems. They cannot limit themselves to robotic filing of lawsuits or to hide behind a verbose and inaccessible language. So the priorities are, in that order:

  • Establish communication channels between the parties;
  • Initiate productive conversations that lead to the desired result;
  • If possible, seek resolution of the conflict without going to the Judiciary;
  • When necessary, fight judicially in the best possible way.

Fighting is not synonymous with fighting, but engagement, courage and determination. The lawyer of the third millennium is recovering the original meaning of his profession: he is the one who helps, what he represents, who fights for the rights of his represented. In every way and using all the tools at your fingertips.